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About us


Awarded "The Best Italian Restaurant in Palm Mar"

Authenticity and quality are essential pillars of our way of understanding gastronomy. We travel many corners of the geography of Italy in search of the best ingredients, flavors and textures to transfer them to your dishes.

“Homemade food” are the keywords of our restaurant, the kitchen team prepares all fresh pasta, bread and pizzas by hand to highlight the genuineness of our dishes.

A wide variety of fresh fish and seafood are the basis of many of our dishes that we prepare raw, hot, with fresh homemade pasta or as delicious risottos.

We are very committed to people with some type of food intolerance, so you will always find gluten-free pasta, lactose-free food and options for vegetarians on our menu.

Our dining room recreates a cozy, comfortable and homely atmosphere. A large terrace ideal for the enjoyment of the whole family and groups of friends, but also for a romantic dinner.

Don't forget to order one of our exquisite desserts: traditional tiramisu, passion fruit cheesecake or chocolate coulant for those with a sweet tooth ...



Our Chef Ivan has prepared the food menu reproducing a gastronomic journey throughout the Italian peninsula.
Authentic and intense flavors characterize our dishes based on the deepest Italian traditions.
High quality genre, extreme care in its preparation and creative presentation of the dishes are the secrets that will lead you to enjoy a fantastic evening in our restaurant.

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Our team

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Administrator and Owner

Administrator and partner of the restaurant, he leaves his university studies without completing in Rome to dedicate himself fully to the world of hospitality.
His drive for self-improvement leads him to travel and work in various countries, including Australia and Spain.
Arrived in Tenerife, he always specializes more in the management of catering companies, gets the title of sommelier and completes the MBA in hotel management with the Canary Institute of Tourism.

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Del Deo

Head Chef and Owner

Chef and restaurant partner, after finishing his studies of

kitchen in Naples, his hometown, begins a long journey

first in France and then in London to acquire the

experience that has led him to be the great professional in the world

of the cuisine and gastronomy that it is today.

In Tenerife he found his balance and after getting acquainted with

the local gastronomy was launched in that great challenge that is to take its

own restaurant.

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Gennaro Pelliccia Perez

Head of Room

Our face to the public, room manager and much more, began his experience in the world of hospitality when he was still a teenager.
His great entrepreneurial spirit and his desire for personal improvement have led him to make a quick and successful career going through successful companies at European level and having his own business for years.

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Wine List

We have selected the wines that best accompany our food so that customers can enjoy a 360-degree experience.
Starting with the main grapes and designations of origin in Italy, we go on to a wide selection of Spanish wines, both peninsular and Canary Islands.
In addition to the large and popular wine regions, we have decided to bring more peculiar products and small productions to our winery for the most curious and demanding customers.